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Dear Ben,

Today marks the day you were born. As one of your many, many fans, I want to wish you all the very best. Personal and professionally wise. You are a very talented, caring and overall amazing human being. Hope to have you back in the screen really soon.

May all your dreams come true. May you always be loved and cared for. May your loved ones always be protected. May you be bless with a healthy, long life and a successful career.

Happy Birthday! ♥

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Benjamin Stone signed a multi-million dollar contract to star in a movie with Angelina Jolie. The role is supposed to be very sexy – first picture below!! :)

Source: AprilFools.com

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Ben, being the sweetheart he is, asked fans to send him questions on twitter. He would reply in Ben funny and creative way – in a video vlog. Adorable. We get quirkiness and cuteness and hilarious moments and Ben’s own handsomeness. Which, I must say, does not come close to the guest he asked to join the talk. ♥ You have to watch to find out who. Get ready!!! =]

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Photographer Lesley Bryce (from Ben’s shoots of Troix Magazine, and last year’s shoot which is featured in our current theme at the site) made an update on her website about Ben’s article on Origin Magazine, which you can find at news stands in all over America, or grab a digital copy online @ originmagazine.com!

Here’s what Lesley had to share:

You can check out Benjamin Stone in Origin Magazine on stands now. If you are a frequent shopper at Whole Foods Market like me, you are in luck as they carry the magazine. Working with Benjamin is always a fun time, love his british wit!! Stay tuned as we will be doing another shoot together soon…What would you all like to see in our future shoot together? Would love to hear all your ideas!!
Source: lesleybryce.com

So, she said she will be doing another shoot with Ben soon!! I just love her photo sessions, can’t wait to see how this one will turn out!! :)

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The bidding for this cause Ben is supporting starts NOW!!!! You MUST donate because it deals with helping people with eating disorders and if you’ve been through that or know of someone with an issue like that, more of a reason to help PLUS You Can Get to SPEAK with BEN on SKYPE and get a SIGNED PHOTO by him. Cool right??! This is the dream of ANY Benjamin fan! You should definitely bid for it HERE.

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Benjamin did a VERY inspiring and personal interview with Origin Magazine! Make sure you read the excerpt below and buy the magazine, it’s on stands right now in America!!! Or online @ originmagazine.com/online-issues.

Ocean Pleasant: What inspires you?

Benjamin Stone: People. The best thing about the world today is that everyone is connected and you can go online and quickly find people all over the world doing incredible things. Creative things, charitable things, clever thing, beautiful things, brave things…. Sometimes it makes me feel inferior, but in a good way because I see these people and say, “I wanna do that! “I wanna be apart of that conversation! I wanna go there!”
OP: Are there any causes you are passionate about?

BS: Science is my JAM. I am very excited to see where science and technological advancements will take us in the next few decades. Medical science in particular will get exponentially better, especially once computers will be powerful enough to digitally simulate entire human brains, meaning medical experiments that would normally take years can be digitally run taking only hours. These kind of advancements will have a game changing effect on healthcare, which will help peoples situations all over the globe, especially when it comes to poverty

For me personally, I Support the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF – http://www.ocrf.org), as although this particular cancer doesn’t get as much press as breast cancer, it has a worse prognosis and gets less research. It also happens to affect someone very close to me.

If you happen to follow me on twitter (which you should @benjstone!) you will notice I’m kind of obsessed with my dog, Harvey. So naturally animals are also very special to me, especially dogs. A small organization I support Is ‘Angels in Fur’ (www.angelsinfurdogrescue.com) a dog rescue and rehabilitation organization.

I also support Wolf-PAC (www.wolf-pac.com), a cross partisan organization seeking to remove to corrupting influence of money in politics.

Read More

Click on ‘Read More’ above to read the full interview, and don’t forget to support Ben by buying the magazine! One of the things that I really liked about this interview was knowing what causes/charities Ben supports. Just made me like him even more!! This is A MUST READ, guys!

Ben also shared a photo with a sneak peek of his feature. Check it out below.

Cheeky interview I did for @originmagazine! Go grab it

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We would like to wish all our visitors and friends a Merry Christmas, as well as Benjamin Stone!

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Hello! :)

I’ve mentioned before that this year I am doing things differently to give Ben for christmas. This year I thought it would be good to do something more personal, so I am mailing him a christmas card with messages from the fans, and a little something.

I am mailing the card NEXT MONDAY (december 16), so if you want to take part send in your message as soon as possible! You can use the form below to write your message and hit the send button or feel free to email me, and perhaps a drawing or something you also want me to give him!

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