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Welcome to - the official fansite for actor Benjamin Stone. You may know him from abc family's tv show The Nine Lives of Chloe King or for his recurring role on the show, 10 Things I Hate About You, which also aired on abc family. We as fans have seen him raise to fame and believe the best is yet to come. As such, we have to be here to witness his climb. Join us in this amazing adventure. Thanks for visiting. Please return daily for more.

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Mar 5, 2015

Photo: Benjamin Stone with The Point’s host Ana Kasparian

Benjamin Stone was one of the guests invited to join Ana Kasparian on her online news show “The Point“. It happened today, actually, instead of yesterday like Ben first announced… Be sure to subscribe to The Point’s youtube channel. I believe the video will be uploaded there very soon!

I wonder which were the topics they talked about. Can’t wait to see this! :)

Check out below the photo Ana shared of Ben and an Al Jazeera Reporter on her instagram account.

Actor Benjamin Stone and Al Jazeera Reporter @hermela004 joined me on #THEPOINT today. Super fun show with new panelists!

Uma foto publicada por Ana Kasparian (@anakaspariantyt) a

Missed seeing Ben! 2015 is starting really good for him! We just hope it only gets better from here. :)

Mar 3, 2015

Benjamin Stone to do a panel with Youtube star Ana Kasparian

Ben announced on his twitter account that he will be apart of a panel for The Point, which is a weekly YouTube talk show starring Ana Kasparian. He will attend it TODAY!!

You can see his tweet below.

*I don’t know if there is going to be a video of this feature with Ben, but I hope they upload it to their youtube channel. I really really really want to see this!

Feb 14, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We hope you have a great day spent with your loved ones. And remember that this day isn’t only for those who have boyfriends/girlfriends… It’s a day to be spent with the people you love the most. It can be a friend or a family member… Hope you are having a fun day!

*Had to use a Chloe King image again. These are too cute to not use them on this day. ;)

Feb 4, 2015

PHOTOS: Ben’s Bahamas Vacation

Benjamin added some very handsome pictures of him in the Bahamas from a while ago, I believe on holidays, to his facebook page. Curiously, if you check each of the photos comments, everyone is pratically begging Ben to audition for “The Mortal Instruments” TV Show that’s premiering later this year, and telling him he is the perfect Jace!! We totally agree, and hope he gets cast!

He even mentioned the subject himself!

I’ve added those photos to the site’s photo gallery. Be sure to check them out by clicking on the thumbnails below!

Dec 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We at want to wish our visitors and Benjamin Stone a very Merry Christmas this year full of happy moments with your friends and family!

Benjamin took to twitter to wish his fans a Merry Xmas as well!!

Nov 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here at Benjamin Stone Online, we wish our visitors a happy thanksgiving! If you don’t celebrate the holiday, then we hope you’re having a good day. =]

Oct 29, 2014

3 Years Online!!!!

WOW! Is this real?! We are celebrating 3 years online already at!!! (and counting!!). Time surely flies fast. As you can see, I’ve added a new theme on the site, it’s very simple and has a more professional feeling to it, but I felt like using a theme like this one, this time around, because this is now Ben’s official fansite (which I might say, never thought would happen, and I’m so very honoured!) and it felt right. I’ve used two of my favorite photos of Ben’s photoshoots. Hope you like it.

Another good thing about it, is that this is a responsive theme, meaning that if you visit the site using your mobile phone it will be adaptaded to your screen and you won’t need to manually zoom in to read our updates. Cool, right?

I’ve noticed the gallery has now more than 100,000 views which is awesome!!! Ben hasn’t been on our screens for so long and he never lost his fanbase – amazing. Those casting peeps don’t know what they are missing out on! I hope it’s this year that Ben gets on a big project! Who knows? I tweeted him about ‘The Mortal Instruments‘ movie, which is now being adapted into a tv show, I hope he gets to audition because Ben would be amazing as Jace (I have no idea if they will be using the same cast though)! Ben seemed thrilled about it. Wouldn’t it be perfect?! *Fingers crossed*

Anyway, in the coming weeks I will add a few photos missing from the gallery, photos from Ben’s twitter, some additional event photos that I found around the web, and more. Stay tuned.

If you have anything, like videos or photos we don’t have here yet, and if you feel like donating to the site, please email us at!

Jun 26, 2014

#FanArt Benjamin as Jace from City of Bones

Remember that time everyone (including myself) wanted Ben to be cast as Jace in the ‘City of Bones’ movie?? He even has a picture on twitter about it. That didn’t happen. The actor they chose for that role was good, but have you even imagined how it would look like with Benjamin Stone as Jace? Now you can!

I found this artwork of Ben as Jace, and it’s awesome! Made by Martange on DArt.

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