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Welcome to - the official fansite for actor Benjamin Stone. You may know him from abc family's tv show The Nine Lives of Chloe King or for his recurring role on the show, 10 Things I Hate About You, which also aired on abc family. We as fans have seen him raise to fame and believe the best is yet to come. As such, we have to be here to witness his climb. Join us in this amazing adventure. Thanks for visiting. Please return daily for more.

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Aug 22, 2015

Ben is in Stockholm!!

We were starting to get worried because Ben hadn’t tweeted in so long. Now we know why!!!! He’s spending some time in Stockholm, Sweden! He shared a photo with the fans on twitter today!! We hope to see more photos like this from Ben and hope he’s having a great time! =)

Aug 3, 2015

Giveaway: Win an Autographed Photo of Benjamin Stone

It’s been quite a while since we hosted a giveaway at the fansite… So here it is! If you didn’t get a chance to win autographed photos by Ben the other times, this is your chance!

Benjamin kindly provided signed pictures for us to give away to his fans. It’s not only one but EIGHT signed photos!!! And the best part is that these photos will be personalized signed to YOU by Benjamin (for example: To Vera, ‘Ben’s signature’). You don’t have to be super talented and creative to join this contest. It’s pretty easy actually. =) You just need to use the widget below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

– Giveaway is open internationally, meaning it’s open to all fans of Benjamin Stone no matter where you come from.
– Pictures will be mailed at no cost to the winners as soon as winners provide a delivery address.
– Winners will be contacted through the email address they used to join this contest.
– No personal information will be made public.
– All entries will be checked.
– Giveaway ends Friday September 4th
– We will be giving away seven of the autographs randomly through the widget, and the other one will be given to the comment we like the most answering the question that you can find when filling in the form.

»» Bonus entries are just that, bonus. You don’t need to do every option if you don’t have instagram, or tumblr, for example. You’ve entered the contest already! But we advise you to do everything so you have more chances to win.
»» You can tweet and share the photo on instagram and facebook everyday until the end of the contest for more chances of winning.
– To get the link of a shared facebook image, click on the date and time with the right click of your mouse and save hyperlink
»» If you don’t have facebook, in order to see the bonus entries, simply click where it says ‘I visited’. If you do, make sure you’ve liked our and Benjamin’s facebook pages.

If you have any questions leave a comment below, or tweet us, or facebook us. :)

Aug 3, 2015

Ben challenges the fans to post his Instagram account with their help!

Ben just asked on twitter, in order for him to go public with his instagram account, he has to get 500 retweets. If you have a twitter account, retweet the tweet below!

Ah, love his hair like that!

May 18, 2015

Benjamin Stone – The Executive Producer

Ben is one of the executive producers of ‘The Reverie‘, a short film, made in the UK. He doesn’t have a role in the film, just contributed for the production of it.

Apr 20, 2015

This is why Benjamin Stone would be Shadowhunters’s perfect Jace!

The Mortal Instruments‘ is a book series by author Cassandra Clare. In 2013, the first book “City of Bones” was adapted to the big screen. Sadly it didn’t do as well at the box office as they hoped for, and the other movies were never made. Last year, it was announced that they would be doing it as a TV Series instead. Now we know it’s going to be called “Shadowhunters” and it’s set to premiere sometime in 2016, on ABC Family. The actor playing Jace will be announced TODAY

If you remember, Benjamin Stone tried for the role of Jace Wayland in the 2013 movie version. Sadly he didn’t get the it. It went to Jamie Campbell Bower.

This year he might be able to get it because he already worked on ABC Family in two of their previous shows: “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” (2011) and “10 Things I Hate About You” (2010).

Benjamin Stone would be perfect as his character, Alek, in Chloe King was so similar to Jace’s in TMI. No need to train him for anything.

Jace has a sharp, defensive wit, an acidic temperament, and a very sarcastic attitude when he chooses. Giving the impression of holding most people in disdain, Jace is seen as extremely arrogant, self-centered, and overconfident, believing himself to be “the best Shadowhunter to ever live” and above others. True enough, Jace is superior in battle, something Jace has been training for since he was young and had grown to love over the years. He even exhibits sadistic tendencies, which he got on account of being raised by Valentine.

Despite this, Jace in fact has a strong moral core. He is dutiful and just, willing to make the right decisions, and sacrifices if it comes down to it. Though he can be, at times, vindictive, he is cruel only to protect those he loves. Source

Jace is described as incredibly handsome by everyone including himself. He is all gold: his hair is dark gold and curly, and his long eyelashes are a shade lighter than his hair. He has smoldering golden eyes, at one point described as luminous (by himself). He is said to be around 5′ 11″, in height, almost a foot taller than Clary. He is well-built, long and lean, and has a slight chip in one of his front teeth that, as Clary states, keeps him from looking too inhumanly perfect. Source

See? Let’s put this on images!!

His hair is blonde, so no need to waste money dyeing it. He is strong, sexy, “described as incredibly handsome”, “is well-built, long and lean”… Ben has ALL those things. See it on the pics below:

Apr 15, 2015

Benjamin Stone @ Coachella

Hello guys!! It’s that time of the year, when the Coachella music festival happens, and Benjamin didn’t miss it! He shared a few photos on his twitter page with his buddies. Check them out below!

Apr 5, 2015

Ben shares photos of his Sunday with the fans

Benjamin Stone decided to share with the fans how he spent his easter Sunday. Check out what he’s been up to today, below.

Happy Easter! How did I spend my Sunday you ask? See photos.. Xx

Posted by Benjamin Stone on Sunday, April 5, 2015

Apr 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’re having a good sunday and don’t eat too much chocolate. hehe 😉

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