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Benjamin Stone arrives for the ‘Bags To Benefit’ Charity Evening For CHAMPS High School Of The Arts at Tru Hollywood on November 19, 2013. You can see high quality photos @ the photo gallery!!

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It’s been a while since we last saw pictures of Benjamin on the red carpet. I got some new photos of him to share with you. He attended the Genlux Magazine’s Issue Release party, featuring Erika Christensen, at The Sofitel Hotel on August 29 in Los Angeles!!
Click on the thumbnails below to check all photos in HQ! Thanks to my friend Elda @ beau-mirchoff.com for sending me the pictures. ♥

Update: Added 3 more high quality pictures to the gallery! Double click the images there to see them in full resolution! :)

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These are photos taken during the opening party. Thanks StudioIXLA.com for the pics! They are awesome. Enjoy!

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Benjamin Stone arrives for the Brits In Los Angeles 5th Annual ‘Toscar’ awards held at SupperClub Los Angeles on February 21, 2012 in Los Angeles.
I only found one picture, I’ll see if I can find more! =)

Added 3 more pictures. Click on the thumbnails below to see them in the gallery.

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Andy shared a new pic from his shoot with Benjamin on his Tumblr!! I’ve added it to the gallery and you can check below!

I also added some unseen pictures of Benjamin at a party hosted by his friend and actor Casey Deidrick back in June! The photos are in a very LOW quality, some are better than others, but I hope you still enjoy them!! Please don’t remove the tag if you repost them somewhere else. =] Email me if you want the pics for your collection, and I’ll send them untagged.

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First time Benjamin presented an award! This happened in December, on the 2011 Youth Rock Awards. That was amazing. The video is starting in his part. ;)

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I’ve been working around the site, I’ll be adding more information to the “about benjamin”, “fan fun” and “media” sections in the next days… I am thinking in adding a few games, like quizzes, and puzzles, etc… For now, I added some high quality photos of Benjamin from events in 2010, 2011. You can check them at the gallery.

- ‘The Children Of The World Project”, Feb 26, 2010
- Los Angeles Times Magazine’s music and fashion event, June 1, 2011
- Disney ABC TCA Summer Press, Aug 7, 2011

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I’ve added more photos of Benjamin and some other members of The Nine Lives of Chloe King cast @ “Disney ABC’s TV Press”, on May 14 2011 (funny, this happened on my birthday!), to the gallery! I really like this ones, they all seemed like having loads of fun.
I hate having to tag images, but this were really hard to get and they are in UHQ,… but if you want them for your personal collection feel free to email me and I’ll send you the untagged versions.

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