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List of Sites to Vote on Benjamin for Finnick!

Hello! I think having a sticky post with a list of sites where you can vote for Benjamin Stone as Finnick Odair would be great, that’s why I gathered all the links I could find, from media sites to the hunger games fansites, to petitions or facebook fan pages, where you can show your support towards Benjamin for Finnick!


“Benjamin Stone for Finnick Odair” (142 likes)

Benjamin Stone for Finnick Odair (The Hunger Games) (82 likes)


Benjamin Stone for Finnick Odair! (Catching Fire) on Twitter


Wetpaint Poll

MyHungerGames.com Poll

HollywoodCrush (leave a comment with Benjamin Stone’s name)

The Hunger Games Wiki Poll

Team Finnick (click on the heart next to his picture, to like and vote)

Popwatch (leave a comment with Benjamin Stone’s name)

The Insider (leave a comment with Benjamin Stone’s name)


FACEBOOK PAGE (leave a comment in their fb wall telling them you want Benjamin Stone for Finnick. Make sure you mention his Facebook Page and Twitter)


These are all the websites and pages I could find. If you know of more, leave a comment below, tweet or email me.
Let your friends know about this post, so they can also vote on Benjamin for Finnick Odair!!

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